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SPL email to Troop

We are encouraging everyone to use scoutbook exclusively for Troop communication, however it does not have much flexibility on email. Three key holders can view and send to all leaders and parents. Any Scout email addresses that may happen to be connected are excluded.
Parents are not able to send email to anyone through the system is what I’m told.

More of the concern is the inability for the SPL to email the Scouts or Troop at large. Seems that Troop meeting information between Scouts still must have a separate email provider. Correct? Or am I missing an option that may exist?

my son can log in > go to Administration > Messages > Send message and send to any of his units

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The way Scoutbook was originally designed, the ability to use the messaging system depended on connections between adults and Scouts. Scoutbook does not have connections between adults and other adults.

In order for parents to be able to message other parents and leaders in Scoutbook, the parents need to be connected to other Scouts in the unit with View Profile (or higher) permissions. Despite what it sounds like, View Profile does not allow an adult to see very much of a Scout’s profile.

Scouts who have been invited by a parent and have connected to Scoutbook should be able to use the messaging system as @DonovanMcNeil explained.

If leaders cannot message Scouts who have connected to Scoutbook, then try resetting the Scout’s parent connection by:

  1. Going to the Scout’s main page
  2. Click on the name of a parent
  3. Click on Update.

Repeat for other parents of the Scout.

Thank you. As advancement chair my brain gets caught on connections being for that.

Still learning!

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