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SPL reporting at the Troop Committee meeting

That’s how our Troop operates – I (the COR), the CC, and three or four committee members are also registered MBC, and are at all the Troop meetings (since none of our sons are old enough to drive yet), so we can have a mini-committee meeting at pretty much any Troop meeting.

I heard about this idea during a session at a council-sponsored University of Scouting several years ago. Previously, our committee had not ever done this but we decided to try it as an opportunity for the SPL to present to the adults and also get to know the committee a bit.

In our troop, the SPL is first up on the committee meeting agenda and is only expected to stay for his part. He can present whatever he wants as to what he feels are the priority topics he would like to share. The committee may ask a few questions or make comments but their comments are generally supportive and helpful. Any concerns or pointed questions are saved for the SM report later on in the agenda and out of ear-shot of the SPL. Also, the SPL is invited to attend and present, never required. Although I can only think of 1 SPL in the last 7 years who didn’t take us up, and then it was only sporadically. Generally the SPL appreciated and embraced the opportunity. Hope that helps.

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