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Spouse Conflict on Committee

I’ve been trying to find out a definitive answer and all I have heard so far is “from what I’ve heard”. Is there any rule in place that a husband and wife cannot serve on certain positions on a pack committee? For example, the husband is the committee chair & the wife is the treasurer. Thank you in advance for your responses.

No rule like that - UNLESS (this may be your key) the Charter institutes something like that - :smiley: Have fun


Donovan has the answer.

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Thank you! I will definitely look into that.

For checks you may want to ensure the two signatories are not related to avoid the look of impropriety

Yeah that was one of the concerns I had as well. Right now I’m the assistant cubmaster and the plan was for me to maintain that role for a couple years until my youngest joins the pack and then I would move up the cubmaster. My wife took over as treasurer this year. Our committee chair is going to be moving up to the troop with his youngest son at the end of this year and right now we really don’t have someone who knows the program and understands the job that is willing to step up and fill that role. if push comes to shove I can do that because it’ll still allow me to shadow the cubmaster and learn what I need to do before I take the reigns for the pack. The committee chair is a vital role & we would prefer someone who is familiar with the operations of the pack and could assume that role for more than a year. Our pack is been blessed with people who have had positions for many years. Our last cubmaster & assistant were there for 12 years. And during that time we only had two other committee chairs.

Find someone willing and get them trained, then get them going to Roundtable every month.

It’s less important that the committee chair be a walking, talking encyclopedia of scouting lore than it is for them to be willing to roll up their sleeves and help out.

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