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Spouses can't be Co-Leaders of same Den?

A Den Leader just told me that he was told some years ago that he and his wife were not allowed to be Den Leader and Asst. Den Leader of the same Den.

I’m not able to find anything to support this rule. The only thing I found was the theory that having a leader and his spouse as the only 2 registered adults for 2-deep leadership could be an issue if something were to happen.

I would like to add his wife as an Asst. since she’s essentially doing the job. Is there anything official out there that says we can’t?

I do not know of any official statement that prohibits spouses from serving as Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader. I suggest speaking with your District Executive as Councils can set more restrictive policies than the National Council.

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It’s also worth checking your unit bylaws (if they exist) and chartering organization for any “local” rules.


Overall, it’s a reasonable rule to have. Many churches have that rule for childcare since spouses cannot be forced to testify against each other in court, among other reasons. But National doesn’t have such a rule. The council, CO, or unit could set more strict rules than National.


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