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Square for Popcorn and Dues?

I am starting my first school year as Cubmaster. My committee chair and I are considering Square for electronic payments. I am interested in any experiences using Square for Popcorn sales and dues?

Any suggestions and/or comments appreciated.

for popcorn it easily increased sales by 100%

Used for Dues also but I was not involved with that - should not increase anything other than time to payment

It makes collecting money extremely easier. There are a few things you should know:

  1. It is much cheaper to swipe or use the chip reader thing.
  2. You can create as many sub accounts as you want/need for things like popcorn. I would create one for every scout. They can only charge and the administrator can see how much each person collects this way.
  3. The chip reader is SO much easier than the swipe thing. It also takes Apple & Samsung Pay

It is super easy for popcorn and should increase your sales. It does have a small fee associated with it but that is easily offset by increased sales.

For dues, we linked our unit bank account with paypal and members can pay dues through paypal. If they use the friends and family option, it is at no additional cost.

If you’re thinking about Square for popcorn sales, it’s awesome, but use it through the Trails End app! Trails End is paying all the credit card fees for sales done through their app this year; taking money directly through the Square app will eat 2.5% out of your commission!

Aside from that, we have a Square account linked to our Troop account for anything else. We tack on the credit card fee to anything if the parent decides to pay via Square. We’ve been totally transparent with that, and haven’t had more than one or two complaints in the last year+ that we’ve done it.


Square also allows you to create an online “store front” for taking payments online. Our pack is about to launch ours for taking payments for dues and activities. Yes, there is a fee, but we have found that the majority of our members have chosen to pay via the square at meetings and expect the website will make it easier for them to submit their payment when they can’t attend a meeting.
I would like to learn more about how to get the free PayPal option setup!

Is the “storefront” fee the same as swiping. I believe the fee is higher when you type the numbers in.

I believe it is 2.9% rather than 2.75. Plus there is 30 cents per transaction. I will be happy to post back in a few days about the reception by our unit.

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Use the Trails End App for popcorn sales (it uses Square to accept payment but Trail’s End is covering the fees). For dues, we use any form of electronic payment like Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, etc. These link back to the pack’s bank account.

Good Luck!

Not every council sells Trails End popcorn. Some have other suppliers. The OP didn’t specify which their council uses. Obviously, if they have Trails End, that’s a great option.

It’s the same. It helps out because you can configure all your items ahead of time. We have our storefront set up with our troop dues, standard campout fee, troop swag, etc.

Online store fees are higher than swipe fees:

Still worth it to us, we just added a bit to our prices to compensate and give a “cash / check discount” on things like dues (most people still choose to pay by card anyway). For popcorn sales we eat the fee, but the increased volume of sales makes up for it.

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