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Square Knot Device Pins ~


As a brand new Eagle Scout who joined NESA the night of completing his Board of Review, I have just received my envelope containing the letter, certificate, pin, and whole nine yards.

In regards to this post, I have always been curious about the different square knot pins, when to wear them, and their pristine purpose overall. This fascination stems from the look they give off on a uniform and the conversations that could be started from interested individuals. I have looked up if there were any lists of ALL of the square knot devices but have only found articles on religious award and training device pins. My main question is as followed, is there a list that contains all of the square knots device pins including those for the different endowment societies such as James E. West, OA Endowment, 1910 Society, etc.? I do know of a few but am not certain if NESA has a device pin or just the different square knot.

Also, does said list contain which square knot the devices go on; for instance, the OA Endowment pin goes on the James E. West square knot.

Lastly, I earned the Light of Christ Catholic youth award when I was a Cub Scout back in 2007. I have seen that there is a Cub Scout Tiger Rank Device Pin. However, there is also the Cub Scout Device Pin. What is the difference between the two and when should one be worn over the other? When did the Cub Scout Tiger Rank Device Pin get officially released? If it were released after I earned the Light of Christ award, do I wear the Cub Scout Device Pin on my purple youth religious square knot?

Thank you for your help, time, and guidance on this matter. As always, it is much appreciated.

Yours in Scouting,
Jordan “Orca” Diliberto

PS - Learning more and more each day about the different awards and procedures in Scouting helps a young lad like myself spread the valuable information so that others can be following correct uniform policy.


You can follow this link and this will give you a listing of Scouter Knots and the meanings


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Wearing the devices is optional. I do not see the Tiger device pin listed with the religious awards - it appears to be associated with the adult leader training awards.

BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia - Section 3: Religious Emblems
Any combination of miniature devices may be worn on the same Youth Religious Award knot: Cub Scout, No. 604950; Webelos Scout, No. 932; Scout, No. 927; Venturer, No. 930; Sea Scout, No. 931.

Religious Emblems Awards Program
Supply/BIN Item Number
Cub Scout device, No.926; Webelos device, No. 932; Boy Scout device, No. 927; Venturing device, No. 930; medals available from denomination or P.R.A.Y.; knots and devices may be purchased in Scout shops; youth knot, No. 5007; adult knot, No. 5014

Based on the BSA’s Chart of Religious Emblems page, the different program levels are shown. The Cub Scout device pin usually corresponds with grades 1-3 (Cub Scouts in Tiger - Bear dens).

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