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SSO has dropped my troop

Setting up SSO has lost the link to my existing troop which I’ve been using for years (since before bsa bought scoutbook). Yet I can see the troop listed and see our scouts and patrols. Trying to view the troop calendar tells me to join a troop/pack or sign up for an account. What gives? How do I get this data error fixed. I’ve talked with our SB admin and she showed me where things were all good from her perspective.
As an IT guy, this is most frustrating. Help.

BTW, when my account/profile is viewed by our admin, it has a profile pic that I don’t see. Seems the SSO process created a new SB account instead of recognizing that I had one already. The admin did see a second record for me.

I agree, sounds like it created a duplicate record. Email with your name, email address, bsa member number, my.scouting username, Council, and unit info.

@MarkWarner - if you log into my.scouting does that profile differ from the scoutbook info on multiple points ? I wonder if there differences in email, ID, etc that caused a new account. Just a guess, but something to be on the lookout for.

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