Stale Chartered Org Rep being emailed when our scout parents are invited to connect

Our AOLs recently crossed into our troop. Their previous pack had recently moved to share our chartered organization, around the same time they started using scout boook on 1/1/2019. There seems to be a stale connection between these scouts and their previous chartered organization’s rep, even though that relationship ended on 12/31/2018. I can delete the connection, but the individual receives an email when invitations are sent to parents to connect to their scouts in the troop, and then I believe the person is re-connecting to the scouts, because the connection re-appears. Can anything be done, and if so, what do I need to do? Thanks!


Go to the unit roster and look to see if the former Charter Org Rep is still on the roster. If so, click on their name then Postions. End all open positions with the unit by adding an end date.

No, the former Chartered Org Rep is not on the roster for either the Pack or the Troop, as she was the chartered org rep when they were part of a different pack number. I think it has to be some kind of glitch from the original import to scoutbook from BSA advancement for the pack, at the same time as they were moving their charter. The former CO rep is only showing up when you click on the individual scouts and go to “William’s Connections.” No other view of connections (grid view for the whole troop, grid view for a single patrol) shows this person. Deleting the connection doesn’t seem to work as a permanent solution because the person is still somehow connected to these scouts as their CO rep, but it is hidden from the key 3 in both pack and troop since this person was never a member of either of our organizations under the current charter.

Check the Scout’s membership and see if it is still active in the old pack. If the former COR is still a member of the old pack in Scoutbook and the Scouts are in both, she could get an e-mail that way.

They are only members of the troop at this time. There was something strange that happened after I ended their youth memberships as of 4/17 where they were set back for a day on 5/10 (maybe the day their transfer applications were processed)? There are no scouts showing up as members of the old pack, but there are still 8 leaders showing up. I am not one of their key 3, so I can’t do anything about that.

We were able to get one of the old Pack’s key 3 to check, and the former CO rep was still listed as a pack admin. I think it is definitely a bug if a pack admin for a pack that no longer exists and that a boy is no longer a member of gets emailed out of scoutbook automatically when a parent is invited to connect. Is there a bug reporting system for this and can I provide any additional information to help fix this? We do not know yet if removing her from the old Pack Admin role has fixed the email issue. Will update when I hear back.