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Star and life advancement requirements

This needs to be brought up with the Chartered organization representative IMMEDIATELY! This is not ok by any means and im pretty sure that this violates the guide to advancement rules. It sounds like they are abusing their powers as ASM and SM.

If the COR does not intervene and correct the situation you need to go to the district and talk with the advancement chair if there is one, if not talk with the District Executive.

Any registered scout leader can sign off requirements in a scout book.

Again please bring it up with your COR.

I would suggest starting with the COR then move on to the district then council. I had a situation in a troop where the leaders wouldnt sigh of on a scouts Life “active participation requirement” according to the troops definition of active. The first thing that the district did was to go back and ask if they went to the COR first.

I agree if that is the situation.

The only reason that might be acceptable is if the individual who signed it was not authorized by the SM to do so. It is up to the SM to determine who can sign off on requirements. Aside from that, that is entirely uncalled for. Forget the CC. Talk to your COR and your council advancement chair.

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Not exactly true. The scoutmaster (unit leader) designates who may sign the book. I my troop, when we first started out I insisted on being the only person to sign the books. I did this to ensure a certain consistency in what was being required. Now, as we have started to grow and move along, I have started to delegate.

From the 2019 GTA
" The Scout Is Tested

The unit leader authorizes those who may test and pass the Scout on rank requirements. They might include the patrol leader, the senior patrol leader, the unit leader, an assistant unit leader, or another Scout. Merit badge counselors teach and test Scouts on requirements for merit badges. [bold emphasis added]”

Once the book is signed by a designee, it stays signed, however.


Well, it’s quite clear it’s personal then. At this point he (the SM) is not going to change his mind, someone above him has to override him, or it’s time to change troops. Anything else is a waste of (your and your son’s) time.


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I found this problem fascinating. If the CC has addressed the issue and it has been resolved in your son’s favor, then there are no worries.

If not, then this might be applicable. If the scout believes he has completed all requirements, then the scout is being denied his BOR. This is addressed in the GTA, on page 54. (The BOR can determine if the requirement was fulfilled and also determine the quality of the scout’s experience thanks to the adult leadership): Boards of Review Must Be Granted When Requirements Are Met

A Scout shall not be denied this opportunity. When a Scout believes that all the requirements for a rank have been completed, including a Scoutmaster conference, a board of review must be granted. Scoutmasters —or councils or districts in the case of the Eagle Scout rank— for example, do not have authority to expect a Scout to request or organize one, or to “defer” the Scout, or to ask the Scout to perform beyond the requirements in order to be granted one. Neither can a board of review be denied or postponed due to issues such as uniforming, payment of dues, participation in fundraising activities, etc.

In a case where there is concern that the requirements for a rank as written have not been fulfilled, it is appropriate to advise the Scout that he or she might not pass the board and to make suggestions about what might be done to improve the chances for success. It is, however, the Scout’s decision to go ahead with a board of review or not.

Section Purpose and Timeliness of Boards of Review

A Scout who has completed the requirements for any rank (except Scout rank) then appears before a board of review. Its purpose is to determine the quality of the Scout’s experience and decide whether the requirements for the rank have been fulfilled . If so, the board not only approves the Scout’s advancement but also provides encouragement to continue the quest for the next rank. Because the board of review date becomes the effective advancement date, boards should be scheduled promptly as Scouts are ready, or set up on a regular basis that assures Scouts are not delayed in beginning time-oriented requirements for the next rank.

Note that Scouts must be registered through the time they are working on advancement requirements, but need not be registered thereafter or when their board of review is conducted.

Good Luck!


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I just want to mirror what others have said here, especially @DanielSlone, @SteveCagigas, and @kevinwindisch. This sounds out of line, and like another example of leadership trying to institute themselves as gatekeepers beyond what permitted by the GTA, and likely to play favorites.

I would report this behavior over their heads, and look to make a move to another troop as well.