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Start dates missing in Scoutbook

Please help!
In my roster for Boy Scouts in Scoutbook we are missing several of our younger and middle aged scouts start dates. Since the new forms do not come in triplicate, we do not have copies of their applications. I am not sure why some are in there and others are not. Is this a Scoutbook issue or a council data input issue and how can I edit these in Scoutbook?

The start date is part of the Eagle Application and will be needed. I contacted our council and they did not know how to help, nor did they seem to have such dates available to help me. I am concerned about this and appreciate any and all input.

Many thanks!

it does not auto feed in - you can make an educated guess or look at each membership in Scoutbook and use that date.

You can edit each Scout’s Edit Profile page in the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” field.

yeah forgot that part - oops

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