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Status of an extension request?

Hello, I have a Scout turning 18 in May and I requested an extension for her in March. Is there a way to know if the request was approved? Who do I ask? Her profile on has an extension date of 1/1/21 but it said that immediately after I put in the request so I’m not sure if that is an automatic thing or if we have to wait for approval. Thanks for any help!


Contact your council. I’m surprised the extension date is only 1/1/21 and not 2/1/21 I understood the extension to be 2 years from registration date and since girls could not register until 2/1/19, I would expect the extension to be 2/1/21.

I recently had a Scout receive an extension and they are handled on a case by case basis by a committee at the National level so don’t be surprised if you are contacted by some from this committee. 2 years is very unusual for an extension. Usually 6 months to a year at the most, but since this is for a girl who just recent joined, there may be an exception.
I would contact your Council Advancement chair since they would have been the person to file the extension at the National level.

I know there is a special process to handle all of the requests related to this since there are so many. I doubt these will truly be handled on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, I don’t know the details of this modified process.

There are different rules for extensions for older Scouts who join in 2019:

Maybe that is a temporary date?

24 months is the maximum. “The actual extension will be based upon the individual’s registration date and age at the time of the request and will provide not more than twenty-four months from the date of initial registration to complete all requirements.”

Thanks for your help! I received notice that her extension was approved.

Thanks for your help!