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Status of Scoutbook support for ships, 2020?

Scoutbook (adancement to Quartermaster)

What is the status of Scoutbook support for Sea Scout BSA advancement? Is Scoutbook still pilot testing this program support? Are there special marketing and help files for ships?

Scouts BSA Advancement (to Eagle Scout) from Ships

Scoutbook update January 16, 2020

  • An issue that prevent Ships from entering Scouts BSA advancement has been fixed. Ship leaders will now be able to enter Scouts BSA advancement for Scouts in their unit provided the Scouts BSA advancement slider is enabled on the Scout’s profile page.

Long Cruise Badge - Tracking of cruise arcs not implemented

I do not understanding this rambling post.

  1. Yes Scoutbook Fully Supports SS advancement. It was never a beta.
  2. Proven by the fact that an issue that prevented Ships form entering some advancement was solved in about 3 weeks.
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Thank you for the partial answer.

There was a post (Aug 2018) referring to internal testing. I remember BSA asking for testers, perhaps another tool and Scouters volunteering to test the Sea Scouting part of Scoutbook.

I believe we have established that the Sea Scouting BSA part of Scoutbook is in production. I will try again on the other two questions.

  1. Does Scoutbook have any introductory material aimed at getting ship units to use Scoutbook? Advertising? Short demos?

  2. Is there help information specifically for ship units? Demos? Documents.

What is Scoutbook and ship units currently using? Showing ships how to advance in Cub Scouting or tracking the trail to Eagle Scout is not a good practice, Ship units are interested in how to track advancement to Quartermaster and recording related awards.

2020-02-13 - Scoutbook change log

  • Sea Scout Electives
    • Updates to Sea Scout Electives to match the latest requirements have been implemented.

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