Still listed as Troop Admin, but lost abilities, likely after member ID merge

I am showing that I am still SM and Troop Admin, but can’t do requirement entry or edit profiles of most of the troop. This issue started after I realized I had somehow had a second membership number created and set as my default, with all my prior training on the old number, and reached out to Council to have that fixed (the was in late June while I was running through things to get current on Weather Hazards before Summer Camp).

After reaching out to Council again, I was told that I have to have SM and Troop Admin re-approved by the CC or COR every year after re-charter (and was sent the screenshot below), but that doesn’t fit past experience or the timing of when I lost functionality.

On the SB roster for the troop, I still show the keys and green shield (& checkmark) with SM and Troop Admin listed below my name.

Is it possible that the approvals were somehow shifted to the newer Member ID, and did not associate back when those were merged (I was told to set my original member ID as the default in My Scouting)? Suggestion on how to resolve this?

@RaymondScheel try going to unit Roster > click your name > click admin (that is giving you issues) > just click update - see if that clears it up

Here is what that generated for the Troop Admin role impacted:
“Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request.
Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!”

And I did check anyway after trying, and have the same symptoms. I can only enter requirements my son and one other member of the troop who’s parent gave me full access back when he was still a cub.

However, it saves the edits I make to the record. Shifted my start date by a day (then put it back) and put a period in the notes field in separate save attempts, and those all stuck when coming back into the screen anew.

try now @RaymondScheel


And “Poof!”, it works. :smile:
Thank you @DonovanMcNeil !

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