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Still unable to access advancement from "Needs Approval" and "Needs Purchasing" reports

I’m still having the same issue from Unable to access advancement from "Needs Approval" report

Last I remember Donovan McNeil wanted a screen share but I unfortunately got busy and I don’t know that I ever followed up.

Our advancement chair has also noticed that if we manually approve an award it does not show up under “Needs Purchasing” to put onto a PO.

Are you the same Jonah May posting in this other thread?

Yes. I wasn’t sure if the bugs were related or not at first so I created two separate posts.

Looks like I may have switched accounts at some point to get some screenshots or something and logged in with the second account when I made this post.

It sounds like someone may be checking the “awarded” box in addition to the “approved” box. Needs purchasing contains all items that are approved but not awarded and not on a PO. You can know for sure by looking at needs awarding to see if they appear there. If there, it will also list the PO they appear on.

I just tried to leader approve an award using a crew admin account with full control over the profile as a test. Trying to select the entire award and leader approve it just refreshed the page without changing anything. Leader approving individual requirements worked in getting the award to be leader approved and it did not show up under “Needs Purchasing”.



What was the award in that example?

National Outdoor Achievement Award (Hiking)

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