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Still Unable to mark attendance for Ship members

I still cannot mark Ship attendance for the scouts, parents, or leaders who my only connection is through the Ship (laptop & phone). (I can mark Ship attendance (laptop & phone) for everyone that I am also connected to with the Troop & Crew)

For example my COR in the Troop is my Skipper in the Ship & I can mark his attendance. A few of the Sea Scouts in my Ship are also Scouts in my Troop & I can mark their attendance. HOWEVER my only “connection” to most of the scouts, parents & leaders in my Ship is in the Ship only - those are the people that I am still unable to mark attendance for!

My Committee Chair can mark attendance for everyone in the ship from his phone. So I have had to take notes and ask him to input attendance for the events he is unable to attend. This is frustrating!


Jul 31

I am still unable to mark attendance for most of my Ship. See below.

May 13

I am unable to mark attendance for those in my Ship whom I do NOT have a connection to in my Troop or Crew. (I can mark attendance for those in Ship & Troop or Ship & Crew.) I have tried in Firefox and in Chrome, and on my Android phone.
Thanks for your help.

What are your positions / roles with the ship in Scoutbook?


I am also encountering the same problem.

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