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SUAC needs some guidance from ACTIVE Explorer leaders

Please post if you can answer some questions


Post 784, Law Enforcement Exploring
Texas A&M University-San Antonio Police Dept.

I’m also currently volunteering as the Exploring District Commissioner for Alamo Area Council.

How can we help?

In Service,

@RogerStearns - Trying to understand the Exploring K2 vs. the traditional K3 leadership - what adults are “in charge” of an Exploring Unit?

Charter organization Representative
= I think this is the instructional head or designated representative for the head of the agency or corporation (Executive Officer)

Committee Chair = Committee Chair

Committee member = committee member

Scoutmaster = Advisor

Asst Scoutmaster = Associate Advisor

Key 3 Traditional
Chartered Organization Rep, Committee Chair, Svoutmaster

Key 3 Exploring
Executive Officer, Committee Chair, Advisor

OK that is what I have gathered - with EO being active to the degree they wish

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