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Summary of changes in Youth Protection in new training this year?

I am the training chair for my district. I am going to be facilitating Youth Protection with the new training powerpoint tonight (active as of 3/1/19). I have gone through the facilitator’s guide and the powerpoint in detail. I can’t see many changes from last year’s file, other than the gigabyte of data that I had to use to download the new file and the 100 pages of paper and toner to print the new guide.

Is there a list of changes from last year’s YPT to this year’s YPT if I am asked?


I don’t know of a list but off the top of my head the two big ones are:

  1. All Scouting activities, including meetings with Merit Badge Counselors and Eagle Scout projects but have 2 register leaders over the age of 21 present. The only exception is the case of a MBC meeting with a Scout, the Scout’s parent may be present in place of a 2nd registered leader. Note the leaders only have to be registered with the BSA, not only with the unit holding the event.
  2. Scouts more than 2 years apart in age may not share the same tent.

Isn’t that the same as the changes introduced in 2018?

They were not in the 2018 online version of YPT. I do not recall if they were in the 2018 in person training.

OK. Those were rules in place in the 2018 in person training.

A lot of the volunteers in rural Montana just don’t have enough data bandwidth to do the online training without constant browser buffering.

I’m pretty sure the 2 year rule was in my version of the on line 2018, but the MBC rule was not. The scoutmaster and I reviewed the roster to make sure we had no conflict for summer camp. I have since taken the ‘new’ - ‘new’ YPT course as well as the 4 “recommended” modules.