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Summer Camp merit badge report

Several of my scouts just finished a week of virtual summer camp (I am still waiting a report on several merit badges). I have a question regarding Communication merit badge. The requirements list 4 and 4* and 8 and 8* what is up with the “*” ?
Thank you. Stay safe.

I don’t see asterisks in Communication merit badge 4 or 8. Which report are you referring to?

This is a Black Pug report used by summer camps.

Looking at those requirements, I could see how someone might think that pieces could be completed at different times, but you’d probably need to check with the camp for how they are using the requirement numbers.

Hi John. This is Steve from Black Pug Software. The asterisk indicates the requirement is a pre-req. However, it shouldn’t be showing both 4 and 4*, instead it should be just showing the 4*. This is a display bug on our end that we will get fixed.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

John, this bug has been fixed. If you pull that report again you’ll see a single requirement 4* and 8*. Again the asterisk indicates the camp made this requirement a pre-req.

Thank you Stephen for your assistance. Universally appreciated.On

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