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Summer Camp merit badges

Good morning to all and i hope you are well.
Those of you who have been following my posts know we have a scout working very hard on his 1st Class. I did pass on your suggestions to him and he is going to look into it. I found a local Swimming merit badge counsellor who he may contact to see what they can work out. Once again Thank You. It is greatly appreciated. Now I have another question - he took a second week of online merit badges but I did not sign up as a leader.so I can not get access to his “Blue Cards” for Astronomy, Animation, and Game Design. The “Summer Camp” uses Black Pub and yes I did email the Camp and Program Directors with no response. So how do I get the paperwork to help him continue to move forward? I did call Black Pug but they are not available to take calls at this time. As always, thank you.

I think your best bet right now is to keep trying to contact the camp, camp director, and / or council. They should have a way for Scoutmasters / troops to get the information.

And try to be patient, they are probably working with a lot of Scouts.

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