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Summercamp black pug import

We just finished summer camp. After importing the black pug data into scoutbook, I notice many merit badges show incomplete but yet it appears all requirements are complete. Any ideas on what to do?

@RobertSheraski - I gather you are using the feature assistant? If so, there is a help section and contact info for this volunteer supported add-in.

The Camp ALSO has to mark it complete in blackpug if that does not happen - look at the file - there are fields marked just Merit Badge - it should have a “1” in a following column - if not the camp did not mark it as such and you are just going to have to figure it out

My question is this. We went to a camp that uses Black Pug this summer. The camp sent me the CSV file to import into Scoutbook. However, I have noticed that the Black Pug import is now missing. How can I now import the Black Pug data into Scoutbook. I have downloaded the feature assistant in Chrome. What are my next steps?


After installing the Feature Assistant Extension in Chrome, go to the Scoutbook home page and click the browser’s RELOAD button. This should load the extension into the current session.

You should see an icon like this image in the upper right portion of your browser window after you are logged in with the extension running.

Click on the icon then the Go to Help Documents button to access help.

I have done that and have gotten the link below. The problem is that even it mentions seeing an option to import Black Pug data on the Troop’s unit page. This option does not exist for me. Is there another work around? This option appears to have disappeared at the the beginning of the month.


  1. Do you see the Feature Assistant Active notice at the bottom of your Unit page? image
  2. Do you see the merit badge Quick Entry on your Troop page? (In the Quick Entry menu?) The Black Pug import feature is only available to you if you can see it.

Yes I see both, but still do not see the Black Pug import option.

You should see something like this. Can you snip what you see and attach it? image

It should be between Troop Reports and Export/Backup, right?

Yes. Also - what is your position in the unit?

My position is the Scoutmaster

Ok, this is very odd. Please doublecheck your Quick Entry Menu - do you see the Enter Merit Badges option?

The extension code looks for this option to exist before it adds the Black Pug option. Is the extension at least adding other Quick Entry options for you? E.g. “Start Merit badges”

What OS are you using?

Our screens almost look identical. I do see enter merit badges as well as enter merit badge req. I can also see enter health record dates, enter OA member data, and start merit badges. I am using Windows 10.

However, nothing changes when I look at it on my MacBook. It is using Mojave. I almost want to say that it has to do with the extension itself.

Thats what I’m trying to figure out - but the extension is adding QE options, and I’m looking at the extension code itself (I’m the developer).

This is reach… but do you have any notice on the page about an expired subscription? I do have code that blocks the option if that is present, but subscription stuff shouldn’t exist anymore in Scoutbook

No notice on the page

Can you email me at