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I sent the email a few minutes ago.

I appear to be having the same issue. Typically I use Firefox and installed the add-in, closed the browser and started it up again. Scoutbook does not detect it. Switched to Chrome and had the same outcome.

Are there minumum OS or browser versions that I should check?

In the threads looking for a solution I have seen a reference to position (in one case only the Scoutmaster can use it) but in general it appears you check for the quick entry tasks being available. I’m the Advancement chair and a Scoutbook Admin and am able to access quick entry.

Would 2 Troops (i.e., 180 B and 180 G) cause confusion?

Here are some snips:





Check the bottom of your page. Does it show the text Feature Assistant Active?

Hi Gary,

It doesn’t show active, and I refreshed the Dashboard page remembering a post that that might help.

Check your browser settings to make sure the extension is active. Once it is active, go to the Scoutbook home page and click the refresh icon.

Thanks for the quick reply!

It is active (using Firefox)


Completely logged out, closed all tabs, restarted Firefox. Went to home page, logged in, and refreshed. Still not loaded.

Can you speak to my question of minimum versions of browsers or OS that I asked in my original post? I’m still happy with Vista!



Phil, I am the developer but I honestly don’t know what the minimum OS and browser version must be, but I seem to recall running it as a test once years ago on Windows XP and whatever Chrome was then ( I didn’t start out using Firefox) As a volunteer, my access to resources is limited to whatever machines I have in my home. What version of Firefox or Chrome are you using?

For your problem, there are two possibilities that I can think of. One, you have other extensions loaded (not sure what they are or what they do) but there is a limitation with how extensions can access the page, and I have found that the first extension loaded gets priority over the access and blocks the other. I discovered this when I had two of my own extensions running at the same time. The other possibility is a latent bug in Feature Assistant.

If you disable the other extensions, then open a new tab and navigate to Scoutbook, it would answer the conflict possibility.

If that does not solve it, please write to me at

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