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Summertime Pack Award

Regarding the National Summertime Pack Award … this award is earned per summer However, Scoutbook does not have a place to record attendance for the award under the AOL rank. So are AOLS not eligible for the Summertime Pack Award? Or does this award carry over for the two year Webelo program … i.e. Webelo 1 attend July and August … Webelo 2 attend June thus completing the requirements? As stated above the Summertime Pack Award is NOT listed under the AOL rank awards. Only Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos are listed.

There is no AoL Summertime Award. The Webelos can earn it twice. I’ve usually effectuated that in Scoutbook by simply asking the advancement chair to add a note to the PO to purchase one. I had also tried:

  • Copying the completion dates for the first award to the notes for the award, next to the noted events that qualified for the first award.
  • Removing the Approval and Completion dates one-at-a-time, recursing down from the Award to Requirements levels.
  • Allowing the requirements to re-populate manually as the scout worked through the second Webelos summer.

Personally, I found the latter method unnecessarily cumbersome, and our AC was totally fine with just adding the notes.

Thank you. Some of my Webelos did not earn the Award the first year. I think I will keep my own records on paper and then at the end of the summer either do the first or second suggestion depending on the scout. I don’t understand why scoutbook didn’t just list the award under AOL since they are entitled to earn it. Again, thank you.

@ConnieRoller - if I go to the awards section of any of my second year Webelos I see the 4 levels of summertime pack award listed. From tiger to Webelos. Where are you not seeing this ? And perhaps a screenshot could help.

@CharleyHamilton, would you award it twice then (physically)? I’ve had a few Webelos earn it one year and not the other, so its never come up. Might in the future and just wondering on whether you should just recognize or have them wear two Webelos pins?

@RyanPTaylor302 It is up to your Pack Committee to decide. IMO, I would award it twice, because the intent of the award is to encourage packs and Scouts to be active over the summer. If a Webelos Scout meets the requirements for this award both summers, then presenting the Scout with the pin twice serves as encouragement for the Scout (and other Scouts in the pack) to be active with the pack.

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We just gave them a second Webelos pin, I believe.


@JenniferOlinger @CharleyHamilton Thanks! That’s what I would lean towards doing. Committee defers to me on stuff like that (since I was advancement chair/wolf den leader before I got volunteered into CM role).

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