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Super Achiever List

Is there a list somewhere of which Super Achiever listing applies to which elective? I can guess on half of them, (Aquanaut=aquanaut, Artist=Art Explosion, Geologist=Earth Rocks, etc) but I want to be sure…

I’m also seeing only 18 electives on my sons scoutbook account, but there are 20 listed under the Super Achiever…? His is set to 2016-19.


Super Achiever is not an official BSA Award - it is something Supply Group came up with - your council Scout Shop can best answer that question.

Adding on to @DonovanMcNeil’s post:

It’s not an official award, but the requirement is for a Webelos Scout to earn all required and elective adventures for the Webelos and AOL ranks. Currently there are 27 required and elective adventures for Webelos and AOL ranks.

The scout shop should have the certificate and most likely the patch. The super achiever in scoutbook was from the 2010 cub scout program.

I would check with your Scout shop first to see if they carry the patch. Not all Scout shops carry it, because it isn’t an official award.

Super Achiever is under the old advancement program. There was a new award that has all 27 symbols on it, but I only see the patch on ebay now, e.g. (no idea who this seller is, linking just to show the image).

Has it been discontinued already?!?

It was never an official award. It was something created up by the Supply Group.

Well, it’s great, and I hate that it’s gone as my daughter’s den just moved up to Webelos and was going to go for it.

Check with your local Scout shop. They probably still have the patches and certificates. I haven’t heard that it’s going away - just that is not an official award.

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Consider checking with other council’s for patches and certificates. Scout Shop’s in Northern Star Scouting are carrying this recognition.

My den is working toward this award. Interestingly, today I was reviewing AOL achievements, etc and realized there are now two new elective adventures: Yo Yo’s and Protect Yourself (basically YPT and Cyberchip). Since Super Achiever is an ‘unofficial’ award and the patch is in the image of 27, it seems the actual requirements are likely going to be subject to some leader or unit interpretation unless the Supply Group designs a new patch that is either in the shape of a 29…or doesn’t specify the number of adventures completed.

Since it’s an unofficial award, you’ll need to decide for yourself whether scouts need to do Preview Adventures to earn it. Keep in mind that more preview adventures are expected, and they are really test adventures.

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