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Super Nova Award Ceremony and award package

Our unit is Awarding its first Nova and Super Nova award. Two questions:

  1. Does any one have a suggested Super Nova Award ceremony. I think the ceremony should match the effort and the rarity of the event.
  2. What should be in the Super Nova award package beside the Medal. Do councils provide the package as they do with Eagle’s. A lot more scouts earn Eagle than a Super Nova Award.

Not all councils provide the Eagle packet. I suspect Supernova also varies by council.

Some councils do not provide Eagle kits, but there exists within a council some organization to which people donate that provides them.

Please please do something like you’re suggesting! My son worked very hard on his and they barely mentioned it at a pack meeting. Our council provided a certificate for me to pick up, but I had to order and pay for the medal and pin from the scout shop myself. I did my own ceremony with our family.

They are fairly costly. Each pack has the right to set their awards purchasing however they need to in order to stay within the budget based on dues and fundraising collected.

Thanks for the info so far.
The package I am putting together has the medal ($25) plus Bronze Super Nova Bar ($13) plus certificate $3 so $40+. I could not find a Nova parent pin so will give a Pi pin to parent.

Still working on ceremony - asked NASA Speakers Bureau if they could provide a speaker.


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