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Swimming advancement with covid

My son was working on advancement for first and second class swimming. He was taking lessons with the YMCA. Due to Covid they are shut down for swimming lessons. Now we feel that he is in limbo and can not take lessons Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get this accomplished. Any help would be appreciated

This has been a recent discussion and is a real challenge. The BSA has a Covid-19 FAQ which which provides a number of requirements with modifications during this challenging time:

BSA Covid-19 FAQ

The swimming requirements in 2nd class and first class are “Demonstrate” and there really is no wiggle room on this.

According to the Guide to Advancement the unit leader can task someone (other than the parent) to administer these test:


Perhaps you can contact the SM and find a place where a person he designates (with 2-deep leadership) can administer these tests. I don’t know where you live but public lakes suitable for swimming can be just as useful as someone’s pool.

There’s generally not a lot of flexibility when the word “demonstrate” is part of the requirement. It’s as much of a safety issue for the Scout as it is to level up in rank.

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I’m reading part of the issue as the scout still doesn’t have the skills to pass the test and no way to get them presently. It may be that he just has to wait on those requirements. Does he have any other outstanding requirements for First class? If not, he could certainly focus on merit badge work for the time being. That would enable him to quickly progress from First Class to Life (potentially on as little as 10 months) once the swimming requirements are met.


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