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Swimming Credentials


My son participated in a lock-in last fall, and took the BSA Swimming test. Where can I find documentation to show that he is a qualified swimmer? If we cannot find it, he can take the test again, and then how can I be sure to document it so that the references are there?


The documentation of the swim test would have been issued by whomever conducted the swim test. I would suggest your scout reach out to his Scoutmaster for any documentation if he doesn’t have it. That said, swim tests only last for one year, so it sounds like he is due for a retest soon.

The only place that I know of to record the Swim Test dates is in the scout’s profile (My Dashboard -> My Family -> Scout’s name -> Edit Profile).

You might be able to put photos of any documentation you find in the comments for Second Class 5b or First Class requirement 6a. It’s a convenient spot, since each is related to demonstration swimming skills.

If he was going to a camp in my Council, he would have to retake the test. My council camps only accept a test that was taken up to 3 months prior to arriving at camp. Even with that, they reserve the right to retest anyone.

Since your son took the test last fall, I recommend he take it again.

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