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Syncing Training with for Ship

I can run a training sync for our Troop with no problem. When I go to the Trained Leaders Report for the Ship and attempt to use the Scoutnet Unit Training Sync it reports that there is no training data found for the unit.

Most of the committee for the Troop are also in the Ship. They show up fine in the Troop report.

There are issues with the Trained Leaders Report in Scoutbook and the reports are being replaced with the reports from

Scoutbook is not the training tracker for the BSA any longer (and will not be updated). Please refer to for official training tracking. Scoutbook will soon remove all but YPT and Position Trained from Scoutbook and replace with links to training center and reports. There are multiple advantages to this change to one source of training information. Among these are having Training reports for all your positions, council, district and unit; having Training reports for your units; receiving Training reports that roll up; and Training reports for the different units that you manage.

Currently, everyone can check the status of their own training by going to My Dashboard at

You can now go directly there from your home page at

We are also recommending that for now key 3 leaders use the Training Manager reports at

Eventually Scoutbook will directly link to those reports. If you have issues with the reports at, contact Member Care at or by calling 972-580-2489 if you continue to have issues.