Syncing with other Councils

Troop90 is in Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, but recently went to Emerald Bay. Should we just manually input the Emerald Bay MB’s? Or other?

Did Camp Emerald Bay use some kind of tracking software to track the merit badges? Depending on which software they used, you might be able to upload the file using the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook. If not, you can use Quick Entry to quickly add merit badges or merit badge requirements.

That is what I was leaning towards, but then the sign-offs don’t match, but I guess as long as an MBC signs off relying on the Emerald Bay documentation and unit leader signs off all will be well.

Did the camp use blue cards? Or some other kind of documentation?

In Scoutbook, you don’t have to include the name of the merit badge counselor, although you can if you want to. Another option is to use the “Notepad & Commends” feature at the bottom of each merit badge.

It all eventually lands on what is needed for Eagle verification. So we need blue cards or similar.

What documentation did the camp provide?

Sheets of paper that can be folded up and put in card holders like the blue cards.

Just manually enter them and provide the sheets to the family - Councils and EBOR do not go back and look at MBC signatures, or cross reference that the MBC was actually an MBC, they care about the dates lining up and being in the national system - that is all.

Thank you for all your support.