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Tenderfoot Rank Exercises

Wondering if anyone has run into a Scout that is working with a trainer to get better health. They did not do all the requirements for exercises. Did you accept the personal trainer workout in lieu of the required Push-up, Sit-up, Mile, and Stretch. Any input is helpful.

It’s great that the Scout is working to get into better shape. The Scout needs to do the requirements as written in Tenderfoot requirement 6. The activities for #6b. can be just about anything, but #6a and #6c are specific.


If the scout has a long term physical disability, registration as a scout with special needs is a option. This requires MD certification and council advancement committee setting up a separate advancement plan,

As @JenniferOlinger said, I would expect the scout to perform test as specified. But as pointed out 6b can show anything. Also the amount of improvement is not specified.


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