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The advancement history for a scout that transferred is not populating

Hi, I had a scout transfer to the troop last Sept. We did the electronic application and it looked like it went through. The transfer was from out of council. This particular scout was in this council as a cub scout then went to another council and then came back. At one point last year there were two records for him in our Scoutbook and the Advancement Chair was trying to get them merged. As part of that the Scout profile went away and the old Cub Scout profile stayed. When it came to recharter the scout wasn’t on our roster so we submitted a printed version of the application with recharter and I think that he is currently officially in the troop. In all of this our view of his scout profile with advancement on it has been removed from our view. Can you help me sort this out or do I need to go through council? Thanks

you can post the BSA # and maybe the history of units (no names) and we can see what we can do

The membership number on the current profile with T471 is 130213122. The old membership with T314 (I think) is 132408361.

@LeislAthen - ok just so I understand - in your troop the Scout has so far not earned anything?

We haven’t entered anything for him with our troop because we’ve been trying to solve the issues.

OK Scout is merged - some Cub stuff did something funny but does no harm - the scout can also use Scouts login

Thank you. We will start working with it.

the Mother is connected to 2 accounts - did not know which (if any) she used

She has two scouts, is that what you are referring to? Or two accounts for the older son?

2 accounts for mother - you will see if you look at that Scout

I see what you are talking about. Her profile is the on with ID 132100764. Is there anything attached to the other one? If so can you merge them and keep the one with ID 132100764? She is on the committee for the pack which is in that district.

OK that is also solved

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Hi, I was working on this scout’s advancements this afternoon. I noticed that the council is listed as LPC but it should be DAC now. Can you look into it? Thanks.

@LeislAthen Please go to the Scout’s Edit Profile screen in Scoutbook to update the district and council.

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