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The Citizenship Merit Badges

As troubling as these times are I think it’s important for any Mb Counselor that has the teaching skills to offer the the Citizenship Merit Badges. If the PLC isn’t interested in offering then find a outside place if local government and Council rules provide it and teach it as a voluntary class as long as YPT is addressed of course. I personally would start with Citizenship in the Nation since this is a election season and it’s important to talk about what being a good citizen really means along with your rights, responsibilities and obligations.

Don’t shortcut and work off those wretched internet worksheets. The pamphlets are really well written and should be your source for the most part.

We need to keep political discourse out of the lesson. That’s the problem. Society now teaches people for one side to be right, not only is the other side wrong, but must be destroyed and humiliated and that’s not the American way.

Offering this class should be a learning event for the MB Counselor hearing what these young people think they know about what citizenship is all about.


I 1000% agree with this!

I think it is important to acknowledge to the scouts that we may not all see things exactly the same way, and that’s ok; time should not be spent during the merit badge classes determining what those differences are. What would be helpful as a “bonus” when teaching these merit badges is to help the scouts realize that politics is not really any different than any other diversity discussion (religion, race, physical abilities, etc.). The same methods that they use to understand the other person’s viewpoint in those other types of diversity discussions can also be utilized when they are in a political discussion. Hopefully this helps some scouts learn to communicate with their peers more effectively, rather than resorting to the typical name calling and extremism so often seen in society today.


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