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The impact of the “BSA’s Commitment to Act Against Racial Injustice”

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  • Four posters disagreed with the political statement letter “BSA’s Commitment to Act Against Racial Injustice”

  • Three posters agreed with the political statement letter “BSA’s Commitment to Act Against Racial Injustice”.

  • One poster was the thought policeman who requested that free speech be denied.

The charter partners like VFW, American Legion, other veteran service organizations, and some churches will not look positively on this political statement letter “BSA’s Commitment to Act Against Racial Injustice”.

Here is the polling data.. I am concerned about losing charter partners that are within the set of 38% of likely U.S. voters that view black lives matter unfavorably.

Here is the black lives matter manifesto. Judge for yourself.

Many churches abandoned the scouting family over the gay scout leaders and the VFW took exception to allowing girls into the BSA resulting in 20% decrease in charter partners between 2017 and 2019, all for good reason. The veteran service organizations will not look kindly on a movement which desecrates the flag of the United States of America.

Here are three contrasting opinions.
The deafening silence of veteran service organizations on Black Lives Matter
Lest We Forget: Blue Lives Matter.
Anderson: Black Lives Matter, even in death

Federal Charter Sec. 30902. Purposes

The purposes of the corporation are to promote, through organization, and cooperation with other agencies, the ability of boys to do things for themselves and others, to train them in scoutcraft, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues, using the methods that were in common use by boy scouts on June 15, 1916.

The full charter can be found at the U.S. House of Representatives.

Enter Title 36 , Chapter 309 in the Search page

Wait for it, some entity is going to petition congress to revise or remove the Federal Charter for the BSA’s failure to fulfill its purpose.

For Packs, Troops, and Crews expect to have discussions with their charter organizations relative to the letter. My recommendation: Convince the charter organizations that Scouting is all about the youth regardless of color (black, red, brown, white, yellow) and it is essential that the youth be provided with strong anchors during turbulent times.

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I just received a report from a local factory employee that fellow employees are pulling their children out of scouting because they do not agree with the letter. I was told that the children being removed from scouting was split about 50-50, black-white.

Mods, close the political nonsense threads.


Steve, the situation is political and should be discussed. The BSA “Went there” with this “politically correct” merit badge and attempting to censor discussion is not healthy.

Avoiding the discussion isn’t the solution. People need to express their feelings on such a change and the conditions of why it’s being implemented.

I don’t agree, especially when people start name calling.

It’s no longer a political discussion at that point.


I suggest we try to work it out here rather than running to the mods. When scouts have dust ups they can’t call the mods and hopefully the scout masters will help them resolve the problem through discussion rather than just telling the to shut up and not discuss.

You guys discuss all you want. I’m not open to further discussion on the topic when the discussion becomes disrespectful.

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Now that we have a little evidence (anecdotal as it may be) of how the scout parents are reacting to “the letter” my question is: How do we proceed with damage control? What do we say to those parents?

SteveCagigas What will you say to parents that remove their children from your pack/troop? Do you have youths of color in your pack/troop:?

What do I say to my VFW chartering organization when they see the U.S. flag desecrated and seeing the slogan to “defund the police”? Being a veteran, it makes me cry.


David, the people here are in the same boat and will have to face whatever repercussions this new Merit Badge will offer. Some may experience to little resistance while others may experience the more extreme possibilities you’ve pointed out. If you’ve been with the program for a while, this is no where near the worst we’ve had to endure. We need to support each other and when we dissent let’s be respectful. We are all not going to agree on aspects of this latest situation but we need to care enough about our Scouts to make sure these things don’t wear on their minds.

I like the idea of diversity training but I have issues with the timing of the program. It sort of makes me feel like we (Scouts, Parents, Leaders) have been acting like insensitive racists. I also feel the the existing Citizenship Merit Badge could have been updated to include the new message they are trying to get out. Some people at national could stand to take the Communications Merit Badge.

My approach is not going to be as crass as the BSA National. Instead of using polarizing terms as “murder”, I’m going to use the style of the BSA sees an opportunity to enhance it’s ALREADY commitment to diversity as outlined in the Scout Law, the several merit badges that is required to be an Eagle Scout to demonstrate how we do things the right way. The BSA isn’t going to increase membership by offending many of the current adult leaders and parents of Scouts in hopes of improving the public opinion of the BSA so more kids will join.

The word of mouth coming out of our (current adult leaders and parents) should be telling anyone who would listen how great Scouting is rather than “I’m done” or “I can’t wait until my kid makes Eagle so we can be finished”

This thread is all about marketing, marketing, marketing. Here are few approaches to convince parents and youths to continue their support and participation in scouting.

  1. BSA seized an opportunity to enhance it’s ALREADY commitment to diversity as outlined in the Scout Law, the several merit badges that are required to be an Eagle Scout to demonstrate how we do things the right way.

  2. The protests were hijacked by a highly militant left wing faction ANTIFA. If you watched the videos there were a few protesters that were attempting to stop the riotous behavior. Even black folk were defending other individuals that were being beat on.

  3. Scouting is all about the youth regardless of color (black, red, brown, white, yellow) and it is essential that the youth be provided with strong anchors during turbulent times.

  4. For those Star, Life, and Eagle Scouts, Venturing is a great opportunity to hone those leadership skills. Venturing is youth-led and youth-inspired. All the crew has to do is organize an adventure and do it!. Adventures may include:

  • Philmont Scout Ranch, Northern Tier, Summit Bechtel Reserve, Sea Base as either on staff or as a trekker
  • Attend the 2021 National Jamboree
  • Run the Colorado River or other big river out west
  • Thru hike the Appalachian Trail or any one of the many national trails or state long distance trails.
  • Carve a totem pole or native American Indian canoe
  • Rebuild/repair small engines
  • Take airplane ground school working toward a private pilots license
  • Mentor younger scouts
  • Repair troop equipment
  • produce you tube videos
  • The adventures are only limited by the imagination.

Can anyone contribute to this discussion which is really about retention and recruitment. Join the NATIONAL RECRUITMENT WEBINAR.

Thank You
David Epps

The only place I have heard of anyone leaving over this new announcement is in this thread. Is this word of mouth or have letters or things been issued?
The phrase “Black Lives Matter” and the organization by the same name are not necessarily the same thing, and can cause confusion.
I truly hope people don’t leave over this. Especially if the BSA meant to support the concept/phrase and are not officially endorsing the organization.


I am with @DavidFreeborn on this. It is one thing to support the concept that Black Lives Matter and entirely different to support the organization. If you think about it there are probably some people that would say I am not signing my kids up for scouting because they are child molesters. The actions of some do not represent the organization as a whole but the perception is established. You can even go as far back as the colonial insurrection of 1765-1783 and be either compelled to be a “patriot” or “loyalist” depending upon how you perceived the actions made known to you. Plenty of looting, violence and damage was caused back then.

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when will the requirements for the diversity mb be released, when will it be required, we have scouts about to finish the eagle scout requirements with only one mb left to complete and their project, so need to know if they need to complete this new mb and waht the requirements are.

As was noted in another thread, no one on these boards knows when it will be released, nor what the requirements will be. It is most likely that the changed requirements will be released, as with previous changes to rank requirements, with a grace period for those scouts who are already working on/nearly finished with the affected rank.

Your best bet for answers it to reach out to the Advancement Team (advancement.team@scouting.org) to find out what the status is.

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That is a pretty fine distinction. It is easy to conflate one to the other.

What did BSA mean? It is unequivocal that All Lives Matter.

Can either of you guys contribute to this discussion which is really about retention and recruitment. How would you respond to a parent which asks you about BSA position on the matter?

You’re asking the wrong folks. If you want to know what was meant by the BSA’s statement, the people to ask are the ones who signed the statement, not the ones who read it.

I think that @Stephen_Hornak’s response on another thread was most apt.


Went to https://scoutingwire.org/bsas-commitment-to-act-against-racial-injustice/ and clicked on “ask a question” but it just goes to an all white page.

As stated in the little cartoon, Does BSA and you agree “that black lives are being treated as expendable by the police and the government that employs them”

CharleyHamilton, How would you respond to a parent which asks you about BSA position on the matter? Do you have youths of color in your pack/troop:? Will your Chippewa Chapter, Tiwahe Lodge beslated for renaming and what will be your reaction to that renaming…

Strange…worked just fine for me:

Here’s the direct link: https://scoutingwire.org/connect-with-us/

I speak for myself. I don’t speak for the BSA. The organization has its own spokespeople. Ask them what they think.

I thought that the cartoon was apt because it makes the point that every decision to act or advocate requires triage. Is this the thing I need to be dealing with right now? Is this more or less urgent than other things on my list of things to deal with? Will it keep?

I think people spend entirely too much time making generalizations, because generalizations are easy. I think that people spend entirely too much energy trying to divide ourselves up based on characteristics that I don’t think should be used to divide ourselves up. I think that, as a result of that, people are mistreated in various ways. Some of those ways might seem minor to one person or another. Some of those ways are fatal. Some people choose to do nothing and say nothing about that. Some people choose to speak against it. Some people choose to take action to make a change.

I’m far from claiming I know everything, or that I’m always right. I’m willing to listen to the concerns of people I disagree with because I could easily be wrong. I advocate for people to talk about their concerns honestly. I don’t think that work to address any issue is well-served by finger pointing, name calling, or nit picking.

Likely the same way I responded to you. “I don’t speak for the BSA. Here’s a link to what they said. These are my opinions on the matter…”

I don’t see how this has any relevance to the discussion of the BSA’s position or my opinion. My opinion isn’t dependent on who asks for it. If it were, I likely wouldn’t spread it far and wide in a public forum like this. My opinion is subject to change based on learning something new.

It’s not my chapter. I don’t own it, nor do I run it. I don’t know if someone will advocate renaming, and I won’t be particularly upset about it either way.

If you are concerned by the BSA’s position, or concerned with its implementation, you’re not going to move the ball by talking about it here. You’ll have to talk to the folks who are making those decisions. If the weblink for commenting doesn’t work, the USPS is still delivering mail. Is it important enough to you to make the effort to have the right people hear your opinion?


Thanks for the comment.

triage? Could you expand on the concept of triage?

Where is the link?

Now you’re just trolling, @davidEPPS

The link would be to the national statement. I’m not sure what you don’t understand about triage.

Come on, if you want to engage in a real discussion, do so. Offer something. Debate the issues. I love to hear the sound of my own voice as much as (or perhaps more than) the next guy, but it’s not a conversation if only one person is saying anything.

You say:

What damage control do you think needs doing? Why do you think there’s damage control to be done? What anecdotes do you have of reaction? What are you saying to parents who’ve reacted?

I liked these ideas:

I don’t have a lot experience with Venturing, but you sure make it sound fun. I would argue that troops are also meant to be youth-led. Us old folks in khaki are meant to advise, not drive. We’re like the folks in the right seat at a driving school: we get a brake pedal for when it looks like there’s going to be a collision, we get to make suggestions occasionally, but otherwise we just hang on and see where the youth take us!

I don’t know exactly where you were going with this one:

but it seems like you’re saying that the BSA is committed to treating everyone fairly and equally. Those are ideas I can get behind.

What else have you got? You’re obviously thinking about it.

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