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The importance and value of good ceremonies

Over the years I have noticed that many, even most packs have drifted away from formal or theme related ceremonies… Too often I see badges and other recognitions presented with a call up and handshake. Many packs don’t even do a formal induction ceremony. As an 8 year old 3rd grader I was ‘inducted’ into Pack 38. The ceremony remains with me to this day, over 60 years later. The CM was in a headdress and Indian robe and the theme was Kiplings ‘Law of the Pack’. The fake campfire, the yellow moon with a flashlight behind it in the corner of the darkened meeting room set the tone and at the end I knew I was a part of the pack. Candles, advancement ladders, special themes all make a difference. I’d love to hear what good packs are doing to make their new members (parents and kids) feel ‘a part of the pack’ and also to emphasize and recognize members for earning badges.

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