“The my.Scouting password was not valid. Please try again."

I have a problem with a leader. He accepted the invitation and reset his password, but Scoutbook will not let him and gives him the error “The my.Scouting password was not valid. Please try again.”

What do we do?

Councils can reset my.scouting.org passwords

it is reset and I canceled the pending members. now do I need him to log in or do I need to send a new invite?

how do I re upload pending members?

Really not sure what you are trying to do? Are you sending him an invitation to fill out an application?

Sorry it is not clear. I had an old record for when this leader was a scout. I had to get it updated so the leader could edit his profile and we could add him to the pack roster in scoutbook. When he went to edit his profile the password needed to be reset. I got the council to do that. When I logged in to finish rechartering I got this error message:

“Due to an encountered error, please be sure to cancel any remaining pending files and re-upload them for processing.”

I cleared the pending files, but now I can’t get the leader added back to my roster.

Is that clear?

Are you in internet advancement or scoutbook? A screenshot of where you are (without any names) could help.

@DennisSullivan - that black box with the noted text is information ONLY. You still have me confused on what, where and how you are doing things

I am in internet advancement.

@Stephen_Hornak - I thought that I needed to follow it’s instructions. So I deleted the pending member, and now I would like to know how to get him back?

How did you delete a pending member in Internet advancement?

@DennisSullivan - I will honestly admit that you have me totally lost and confused. Could you list out your exact steps including the url that started out on ?

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