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The Scout Law Song!

I wrote a melody for the Scout Law!


A few years ago I came up with a melody to help teach the Scout Law to my son, then a Tiger. At the time I figured it would be easier (and more fun) for him to learn lyrics to a song rather than trying to remember a list of words through brute memorization. It worked great for both him and my daughter, who became a Cub Scout a couple years later. I thought it would be a good project to record the song and share it on YouTube for the benefit of other young scouts, but I couldn’t justify spending the time and money to do it.

When I did Woodbadge last year, I quickly realized recording and sharing the song would be a perfect ticket item. I finally had a good excuse to work on it! I installed a music transcription program on my computer and recorded the melody. I sent the music to an arranger I found on Fivr who expanded the tune into a full marching band arrangement. After some edits and adjustments, I had a recording I was happy with.

The next step was to find a decent singer. Again I turned to Fiverr and found a classically trained opera singer, who I later found out was an Eagle Scout himself! He had the rich baritone voice I was looking for. Within a few days, the vocals were recorded and I had a finished song.

The last step was to create some sort of video to accompany the audio. I thought about hiring an animator to animate some scouts hiking around and singing the song, but that would involve a lot more work and significantly more cost. I settled on a dark background which would make it easy to focus on the words and follow along. I’m pretty pleased with the result. I hope you like it, too!

Feel free to pass along the link to any new scouts working on the Scout Law. Hopefully it will help them as much as it helped my own kids.

Yours in scouting,



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