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Tier 2 and 3 activities

Im trying to properly define tier 2/3 activities. I see on the scouting site that a tier two activity is less than 4 days but has no minimum days but requires a significant amount of time and planning and gave some examples like special Olympics, canoeing trips etc. I was wondering if a Scouts Eagle project could count as a tier 2 activity due to the amount of planning required. Thoughts?

Tier 2 activities are something akin to a weekend campout. A tier 3 activity would be a intensive week long activity. Are you wanting to count it as planning or participation

It’s a little off because crew activities are to be planned as a team with one venturer serving as activity chair, and Eagle projects are solely on the scout.
But, if the scout gets his or her crew active in the project, I can imagine it qualifying.
So my final answer: depends on the project and it’s execution.

The scout planned their project and scouts from out troops snd crew participated.

Honestly I would consider that just service hours. To me, the adventures should be more crew based and not part of a troop. If you were trying to double count the project as planning a tier 2 event, I would not seeing as the project is not centered on venturing or the crew.

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I think you’re looking at this from he wrong side up. Did the scout put forward a motion for a crew to have this activity? Was it seconded by member of the crew, voted on by the crew officers, and recorded as approved by the crew secretary in he crew minutes? Did the crew Vice President of Administration put it on he crew calendar?

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