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Tiger and Lion partner registration

Can someone point me to the official rules about what paperwork needs to be completed for Tiger and Lion partners? Our DE is requiring a full adult application with background check and COR signature for each Tiger and Lion partner. (I don’t mean the den leaders or other paid and registered adults- but for each parent). I can’t find anything that says what the BSA requirements are for this but it can be difficult to get parents to fill out the entire form with references etc. just to attend with their kids, and we don’t require that for parents of the older scouts?

Your DE is wrong in general - as they sign the Scout application agreeing to be a partner - I do suppose your council COULD have a stricter implementation but I would think that would be a stretch

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The Lion / Tiger Adult Partner registration is on the BSA youth application form in the “PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN INFORMATION” section or online, if online registration for youth is supported.

Your DE might be confusing them with Lion and Tiger Den Leaders, which do require an adult application form, criminal background check, etc.

Like Donovan said, it is possible that your council has more strict requirements, but here are the BSA’s national requirements:

BSA Registration Guidebook page 16 (14)

No-Fee-Required Registrations

Executive officer and Lion and Tiger adult partner positions do not require a registration fee because they are not registered adult leader positions. These positions also do not require a completed BSA adult application and are not submitted for a criminal background check. While Youth Protection training is not required for adults holding these positions, it is recommended for all participating adults.

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Are they charging a fee for these adults also? Or just requiring a longer application form?

No fee. Thanks everyone for the help- I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something before I made a fuss!

I thought, reading a few years ago, if the Adult Partner does not live with the Scout, then an Adult Application (With the background check) is necessary. I don’t have a paper app with me but I thought that was in the print somewhere.

@EmilyNelms - although my council is bizarre they have yet to ask for adult apps when a tiger or lion parter is involved. That is keyed in off of the youth app.

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I was kinda wondering if this might be triggered by a local change in insurance. Since Lion/Tiger adult partners are expected to be present at all meetings with their scouts, I wonder if the relevant council’s insurer is viewing those individuals as people who need background checks and YPT.

I would personally still challenge the DE on it, but I’d probably do so with the possibility that it’s a new requirement from their insurer in mind, and ask about it specifically noting that it’s a change from before.

@CharleyHamilton - that is a valid point although my council had always assessed insurance on the non-fee adults

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Thank you- exactly what I was looking for!

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