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Tiger Cub Totem Bead

I have two Tigers that have the orange, black, and white Tiger Cub Totem Beads listed on the “Needs Awarding” report. I can’t even find where these were signed off. Any assistance is appreciated? Is this something that the leader should not have approved?

@MichaelTrotochaud - well someone marked off items in the 2010 version of the rank items. You would need to toggle to that version to remove the items from the scout advancement.

@Stephen_Hornak Thank you. I went in and checked the Scouts’ advancement, and there is nothing there for the 2010 rank. That could be because they’ve already switched to the 2015 rank and have completed it.

Anyone know if this can be removed on the backside?

@MichaelTrotochaud - you may want to run an audit log set for just advancements to see if you can track back to what was entered and approved.

Yes, it is because the 2015 rank is already marked complete. If you clear the completion date, you will see the switches to go back to 2010 at which point you can clear any completions there then switch back to 2015 and mark the rank complete again.

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Is there any way to correct this without removing the completion date and approvals. I know that I could go in and do it as the pack admin, but I’d prefer to keep the den leader’s approval intact.

If you just want it gone from the Needs Awarding report, mark it “Awarded”.

If you want it removed from the record entirely, I think @edavignon’s method is the only way.

@MichaelTrotochaud - unless you remove it, it will show on the scout page/advancement forever. I wonder if it shows in internet advancement as well. If it were me I would work to remove the items from the record.

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