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Tiger & family no longer exist in Scoutbook

For some reason, my 1 Tiger & his parent is no longer in Scoutbook. I went in last week to award his achievements, and now he is gone. None of us admins think we did something to remove them.

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@LeahPeene - could you check your account then your connections to see if they are still listed there ?

I did, they are nowhere in the app now.

I trust they are still listed in member manager in my.scouting.org or are they gone from there as well ?

I did not check there, or know to do so. How are permissions for that site handled?

The member manager is open to the Key Three and their delegates. So in your case Cubmaster, Committee Chair and Charter Org Rep.

So I need to ask someone else to go in there and look for them?

Yes, to ensure that they are still listed as part of the unit.

I never did ask, if this was the Den Leader App/login or scoutbook.com ?

It was the regular scoutbook.com. They do not exist in the my.scouting.org member manager

Ok not being in member manager would be a problem. Is this a new tiger or one who had been a lion prior ? Just trying to determine a timeline on the scout.

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New Tiger, started with us in February

Thanks, and the app was submitted to council and all of that fun paperwork stuff ?

If the standard process was followed, then checking with the registrar is the next step.

I believe so, I take care of the scoutbook stuff - so I will check with the others. What/who is the registrar?

If you go to your council web page, they usually have a staff listing. The registrar(s) handle the papework processing like youth and adult applications, Eagle processing an recharters.

Great, thank you for your help and quick replies!

hold on… Jen is going to let me know I missed something :slight_smile:


@LeahPeene I would recommend that you start in your pack with the person who turns the membership applications in to your council. Then follow-up with council Registrar.

Yes, his paperwork was turned in.

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OK, sounds like it’s time to follow up with your council.