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Time to rebuild

Rebuilding the membership, rebuilding the unit program. The past 18 months have been difficult trying to maintain the program while unable to do much by way of in person meetings. Scouting doesn’t translate well to on line meetings and activities. As things start to return to normal… perhaps we can focus on ways to rebuild our membership and program. My council has lost a number of units and over half of its membership since 2019. This will create serious problems for the operation of camps and activities as well as significantly impact the council operations due to loss of revenue from council imposed registration fees, product sales, activity fees, friends of scouting and Scout Shop income.

If we want Scouting to continue, if we believe that kids and families benefit from the values of the program, then we need to find positive solutions.

If your unit has a positive relationship with your schools, great… but if you have difficulty getting access to promote Scouting in your school, then you need to step up and initiate a discussion with your school superintendent, PTO and local principal(s). Now is the time to start that process so everything will be in place when kids return to school. There is a federal law that requires any school that receives any form of federal funds to allow the same access to the BSA as they do for any other group. Because I spoke to the superintendent the local school district now runs a brief video during announcements, passes out flyers and even displays posters in the building for sign up night.

Now is also a great time to be planning the next year of your program. Sept to August, 12 months of adventure, fun, activity, advancement, recognition and service. This is what you are presenting/selling to your families.

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