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Time Zone issue

I’m having an issue with time differences between my troops (Troop 126 B and 126G), I set up one event in the scoutbook calendar inviting members of both troops (i.e. Troop Meeting, PLC meeting, Campout, etc.) and it sends out reminders to 126B with the correct time, and the reminders for 126G have the time as an hour earlier. This is extremely frustrating.

Can you look at the troop page and reply with the numbers after “unitID=“ in the URL? What timezone are you in?

I am having the same issue.
Unit ID says 104744
We are Eastern time zone, but the email reminders are showing up Central.


@JaimeMunford I’ve passed your info along to the developers

UnitID=36154 for Troop 126G and UnitID=205723 for Troop 126G, We are in Massachusetts in the Eastern Time Zone.

Troop 126B UnitID=36154 Troop 126G UnitID=205723

We are in Massachusetts, Eastern time Zone

Thom Gorham

I have passed these on to the developers.

There seem to be persistent issues with dates, time zones, and calendars in Scoutbook and Internet Advancement.

  • If you enter an event (camping, hikling or service) in IA2, regardless of the dates and times you enter, it will translate dates and times into central time zone. In the case of all day events, it may change the start date, end date and/or duration (depending on your time zone)

  • When we create events with reminders on the Scoutbook calendar, many times the event is shown at the wrong time, usually an hour later than the actual event. Many times the reminders are also going out incorrectly, based on the incorrect time recorded in the back end.

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