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Timeline for new Eagle MB Requirements?

@DonovanMcNeil, This is not an attempt to start yet another argument about the merits of the new Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion MB, but a simple question:

Has an updated timeline been published on when the requirements will be released and if that is delayed, will the requirement to have this for Eagle slip to the right from the proposed May 2021 requirement?

Some Councils posted information in December, not requirements, just an update on what they were told by National; ours has not. I try to get information from these forums, but often those discussions turn into political diatribes by both sides and end up getting shut down. Thank you for any information you can provide.

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All we have heard is there is a delay - we have not heard of timeline changes (other than missing the 1/1/21 launch - LOL).


Thank you. We have a few older Scouts that have “naturally” pushed the limits and are rapidly closing in on their 18th birthday and timing is critical for them. With the COVID impacts on their Eagle project schedules (depending on the project), adding this MB late could cause a problem. I can’t change the past, but I can attempt to make the future a little brighter for the younger Scouts.


@JohnBenedict I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

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Thanks. I just replied.


Click on image

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So how did that work for Luke? Just kidding - trying to keep our older Scouts up-to-date, especially those rapidly approaching 18!

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Pretty Darn Good: Click on vid link

The kid in me tends to show itself occasionally


We finally got around to watching this season - loved it. LOL!

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I know the DEI is a dicey subject, but it was posted and the topic quickly closed about the BSA delaying the implementation of the DEI MB " for the careful consideration and evaluation of feedback received from a wide variety of commenters on the draft requirements."

I wish that thread had not have been immediately closed because the reasons for delaying merit some discussion. It sounds to me the places like this message board may be getting some attention although the official word is the BSA doesn’t monitor these boards. Well, something has compelled them to make a delay.


We do not know what the BSA plans. The only information we have is the announcement that was posted. We hope the BSA delays the requirement to earn the new DEI MB in order to complete Eagle by at least the same amount of time as the delay to release the requirements.


Don’t forget that the kids are the BSA. They and their neighborhood leaders are the boots on the ground. BSA ‘execs’ whoever they are, do not hike or camp with us; they don’t live in our neighborhoods.

If they keep modifying the program to appease fleeting social trends, will this cause parents to go elsewhere?


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The introduction of the proposed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion merit badge is being delayed to allow for the careful consideration and evaluation of feedback received from a wide variety of commenters on the draft requirements. Until further notice, all Scouts working on the Eagle Scout rank should continue to use current rank requirements. Once the Eagle-required Diversity, Equity and Inclusion merit badge is introduced, Scouts in the process of earning the rank of Eagle Scout will be given adequate time to earn it.

Updates regarding the merit badge will be shared with councils directly and via Scoutingwire. Specific questions are welcome via email at Officeof.ChiefDiversityOfficer@scouting.org.

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