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Timesaver for monthly awards

I built a tool to automatically make labels for my pack’s monthly awards. It’s SUCH a time saver! Once you’ve made your purchase order in Scoutbook, click the “CSV >” button to download the data. Go to, select the CSV file and the site will automatically generate and download a set of labels to print out!

I use a paper trimmer to cut them up and then tape them on small (no. 3) envelopes. You could also slip them in a plastic bag!

If you use it, I’d love to know! It’s saved me a ton of time over the past few years.


I’ll send this to our advancement chair, the fact that it will take a CSV that can be exported from Scoutbook is awesome!

Edit: I went exploring your GitHub repos… and you sir, are a man after my own heart. I, also, am using github Jekyll sites for scouting. (Our district is between web sites right now, and GitHub is free.) I especially like that you (or someone) converted the Handsome Web Cub Scout theme to Jekyll. Thank you for contributing to the Scouting community with open source solutions.

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I’m glad to hear that! I used a hacked together perl script for a few years (I think it’s up on github as well), but as I’m looking at succession planning, I knew I need to make a user-friendly solution. I hope your advancement chair finds it useful.

Over the summer, I’m planning to add support for some Avery labels, along with adding some pictures and more directions.

As for the Jekyll github hosting, it’s hard to beat, except that it can be hard to convince non-developers to contribute. I keep thinking I’ll take the time to convert the Handsome Web Themes to proper Jekyll themes for distribution, but… time, right?

Just my opinion, but if my child received a pocket certificate with a label instead of being printed or hand written, I would be disappointed.

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When there are awards with certificates (Ranks, Whittling Chip, Cyber Chip, etc.), I still fill those out by hand. This is mostly a way to organize the monthly Adventure Belt Loops.

Thanks for the clarification. I thought you were printing the labels to stick on the pocket certificates. I have heard of units doing that.

I agree if this is to organize the awards it is a good timesaver. What I did when I was advancement chair for my pack was to organize the PO by den and Scout. I would print out the PO, cut it in to strips by Scout and put the strip into each baggie containing the awards.

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I am sorry to hear that. I am preparing and packing 24 bags with more than 50 loops this month. (We are a small den) I love our scouts but simply do not have time to handwrite all of the awards on each bag. I hope you are an active volunteer in your pack. Honestly, the boys do not care if the names of their loops are typed or handwritten.

Our pack just gives out the belt loops, we don’t do the advancement cards at all. I wonder how uncommon that is/isn’t… how about a poll??

  • Our pack uses advancement cards.
  • Our pack doesn’t use advancement cards.

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I definitely want to utilize something like the advancement cards going forward

Are you asking if we use advancement cards for each belt loop? If that’s the case, no way.

I do pass out advancement cards at the end of the year when they earn their rank.

Yea this app is for pins and belt loops. We do cards for ranks too, but not belt loops.