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Totals for recharter are a few dollars extra?

Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question, but on my recharter roster the total for adults is $47.04 and for youth it is $74.04 per scout. I know that’s just a few extra dollars each, but I’ve already collected the $45/$72 fee from most of my scout families and I hate to have to go back and collect it. Is that an extra fee? On the training materials for the recharter, I see their totals are $45 and $72.

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Does your council have a $2 fee per person?

or council is charging units the credit card processing?

No, it’s a $33 council fee this year but it was a $2 insurance fee, maybe they didn’t update it with national?

That looks like the $2 fee, no?

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This is a great question for the local commissioner staff in your district.

Ours does so many weird things with numbers between custom payment methods, assistance programs and if someone is back paying for months in the prior year but is added on recharter that we all just pay by check.

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I agree. As noted in another thread, the recharter systems seems to be using a rounded pro-rated fee.

So $2/year = $0.16666/month
$0.17 * 12 months = $2.04

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