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Tracking during vacation?

My son is looking to complete a handful of merit badges this summer that require tracking for a length of time.

My question is this:
How do you handle a family vacation or BSA summer camp landing in the middle of the planning tracking time?

Would the trips be considered a lapse in tracking or a no-value entry? For instance, if he is working on Family Life over the summer months and goes away for a week-long vacation, does “no chores this week” count as a valid entry? What about the Dog Care care log—would “on vacation, dog at kennel” count as valid care?

I am a Dog Care Merit Badge Counselor. I would accept “on vacation, dog at kennel” or “on vacation, dog cared for by neighbor” as valid answers. I may ask the Scout about what was done to setup the care, what type of care was provided, etc but I would not discount that week. Now, if the Scout was staffing camp for 6 weeks, I would probably not allow that time to count.

I can’t speak for Family Life as I’m not a Family Life MBC.

I would recommend that your Scout talk to his merit badge counselors to find out what he or she will accept. Personally, I would accept those answers. Another option could be to put a temporary “hold” on the tracking for a week, and then continue tracking after he gets back from vacation. It all depends on what the counselor is willing to accept, but the word “consecutive” is not used for Family Life or Dog Care (it is used for Personal Management).

As a personal fitness counselor (since it became required for eagle scout), I will echo all of the above responses. Just talk to your counselor. Unless the counselor has issues, he/she will work with you. If they are a person with issues, find a new counselor, the key for all counselors is to be reasonable and flexible while not modifying or detracting from the requirements.


The correct answer is to always ask the MB Counselor. If I were the counselor for Dog Care I would simply have the scout note the reason for the break and continue on when back. If a full week, then I would be inclined to ask the scout to complete an additional week of care.

As for Family Life, I would ask the scout if he really did nothing for that week. Certainly the scout can (and should) contribute to the family even while on vacation. It might be repack suitcases. Or move suitcases to the car. I would encourage a wholistic approach.

But… the answer of your scout’s counselor is the one that matters.

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