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Tracking National Outdoor Award details - Aquatics

Does anyone know how you can track aquatics time that is needed for the Outdoor Award Aquatics segment?

One option is to use the “Notepad & Comments” feature in Scoutbook. It is at the bottom of ranks, merit badges, and awards. It is also available when you click on an individual requirement.

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We stapled a sheet of paper to the back of the Scout Book for use in the NOA Aquatics. For the Conservation, we have them put an asterisk next to the hours that are Conservation. So far we haven’t had any do anything for the Riding one, but will probably do the same paper in the back of the book for it also.

In Scoutbook for conservation-related service hours, we add [CR] or [Conservation] to the “Location / Organization” field in the Service Log. You can export the logs to a csv file and sort based on this field. It serves as a backup to the Handbook in case the Handbook ever gets lost or damaged.

As a workaround, you could do something similar to track other things with the logs. For example, you could use the Service Log to track time on the water by putting [Aquatics time on the water = 6 hours; 12 cumulative] in the “Location / Organization” field. In this case, I would leave the actual service hours field as 0.

Something similar could be done with the Hiking Log for cycling.

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