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Trained Committee Member requirements

What online course will qualify a committee member to be trained in the Training manager report?

There’s a list of “Position Trained” courses by position here: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/training/pdf/trained_leader_positions.pdf

Generally, the easiest way to determine it (as a user) is to go to the BSA Learn Center via my.scouting.org and then go to Catalog → Programs → < PROGRAM NAME e.g. Scouts BSA > → < POSITION SPECIFIC LEARNING PLAN e.g. Troop Committee Learning Plan >

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Thanks. My confusion is that it doesn’t show the course numbers on there anywhere that I can see.

If you’re looking for the required SCO numbers, those automatically list under the Trained Leaders report next to any adult who is registered as a committee member. The course numbers list (I think) next to each of the modules when you enter the training plan subsections. Apparently the numbers don’t list there anymore.

ETA: Part of the challenge with the course numbers is that the BSA changes which ones are required from time to time (and sometimes the course numbers for what seems to be the same material change).

ETA2: OK, so it looks like someone who is registered in a position can go to my.scouting.org → left side pulldown menu → My Training → Requirements, and it lists the course name next to the course number, although you have to scroll around a bunch.

From there, you can also click on Member Training Report, which will list the names and courses. However, keep in mind that it will list courses that are incomplete, even if there is an equivalent in-person (for online) course, or vice versa.

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