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Trained Leaders Status Report

The Trained leader report has a new column named “Direct Contact Leader” What does this mean? Is it position specific or does each unit need to update this field. My concern is that our Troop committee is listed as “NO” however they provide boards of review for each scout so they do have contact with the troop. This this correct? Any more information would be good

Suggest a read of https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/511-028_WEB.pdf
Seeing that 100 percent of all direct-contact leaders (Cubmasters, den leaders, Scoutmasters, leaders of 11-year-old Scouts, crew Advisors, and Skippers) are trained might be the most common measure of your success.

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Direct Contact Leader is defined by the BSA. It is based on the registered position, not how any one unit operates. It refers to Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, Den Leaders, etc.

The Guide to Advancement says that Boards of Review, prior to Eagle, are made up of Committee Members so your unit is operating properly in this respect.

@RichardHall - leader of 11 year old scouts should no longer exist… that was an LDS thing.

Effective April 30, 2018, the BSA started requiring direct contact leaders to complete Hazardous Weather Training (SCO-800) in order to be considered position trained.


The list of direct contact leaders who are required to take this course are in the Hazardous Weather FAQs. Not mentioned in the FAQs, but Hazardous Weather Training (SCO_800) expires after 2 years and needs to be retaken.

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Thank you, very helpful

The training report within Scoutbook is confusing. There’s a “trained” column that has “Yes” for ASMs in my Troop that are missing SCO_800. It appears Y01, S11 and SCO_800 are required for ASMs.

Hrm…I see the same thing for some of our leaders as well.

SCO_800 is the Hazardous Weather training module. I’m not sure when the code transitioned from the older code, but I wonder if folks who took the prior course could still be current? It seems like either that, or the logic is only checking for S11 and Y01.

Do you see “Completed” in blue? My guess is that they were probably already serving in the position and were “trained” before the change went into effect.

Leaders who were Trained before the Hazardous Weather Training requirement were grandfathered in. They are not required to take Hazardous Weather Training to remain trained.


For the leaders in my unit, the “YES” in the Trained column is green, as it is for others who have completed all of the training (Y01, SCO_800, S11).

Thanks @edavignon.

That does seem a little inconsistent for a course that’s required every two years.

However the two year period since the training was added is expiring or has expired and training has to be renewed for those positions that require it. Adults needing it need to check when they last took it, and renew if near or past two years.

A district training committee member (among other things)

Bill, are you saying folks were only grandfathered in for two years?

I emailed national safety and got a response. People were not grandfathered forever. Only 2 years. Everyone that requires it, needs to reup every 2 years.

It’s a BSA document, not mine.

@ DougWright , @edavignon.

My 2019 post

Hazardous Weather Training Renewal Reminder[

(BSA Training for Cub Scouting Volunteers - #7 by Bill_W)

Extract from the Hazardous Weather training FAQ of 4/2/2018:

Q. Is this a membership requirement like Youth Protection training?
A. No. This is a direct contact leader positioned trained requirement effective April 30, 2018.

Q. If I am trained in my current position, will I be required to take Hazardous Weather now to retain the trained designation?
A. No, if you are currently trained in your position you will not be required to take the additional course now. We recommend if you have not taken the updated course (SCO_800) that you do so to have the most current content.

Q. What happens to my previous credit for Hazardous Weather (WS81)?
A. Course code WS81 is being retired. To stay current, the new course (SCO_800) will need to be taken after WS81 is two years old.

Q. At what point in my training do I need to take Hazardous Weather (SCO_800)?
A. The course is available for you to take at any time but is recommended in the third and last section of courses offered to be a trained leader. It is recommended that you take the course before an outdoor activity.


I believe this grandfathering occurred April 30, 2018.

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That’s a really good summary, @Bill_W. Thank you!

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