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If all MANDATORY training is done, is a leader considered trained?
There are still some online training to go for ast scoutmaster but all other training is done.
But it says not trained

You are considered trained when all position specific training and YPT have been completed. This includes needing to complete IOLS for ASM’s and SM’s in order to be “trained”.


It varies per position, but in general YPT and position-specific training are required to get the patch:

In the case of scoutbook, you would also need to make sure that all of the training is registered there.

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Required training for an ASM is IOLS and either in person Scoutmaster specific training or all of the online Scoutmaster modules for before the first meeting, first 30 days and fully trained.

When you log in at my.scouting.org, click on:

  1. Menu
  2. My Training
  3. Requirements tab

Then you will see the required position-specific courses to take for you to be considered trained in your registered position(s).

There is also a chart that details the training requirements for unit-level leaders:

BSA Trained Adult Leader Requirements (see page 3 for troops)


You can’t confirm training via Scoutbook. You need to do it in the my.scouting.org training portal.

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Sure - the training button in scoutbook does lead to my.scouting.

But, I was talking more about the training that you have taken being successfully applied to your positions in scoutbook (via my.scouting). For instance, I’m pasting a small portion of my training that is registered in my.scouting. I have also taken IOLS (heck I have taught IOLS more than once) but it is not registered there. But, the only “trained” position I have is cubmaster.

My positions

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Instructors of a course can be registered as having taken the course. But you cannot registrar it yourself. As a district training committee member I would accept the training attendance report signed by the instructor as prove of instructor having taken the course.

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