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Training Center Completions/Dates Are Bugged

When I log into my training center profile, there are several learning plans that are showing incorrect completion percentages or completion dates.

For instance, the Scoutmaster Position Specific Training and Merit Badge Counselor courses show that they are 75% complete, but when I click on the course, all of the individual modules show 100% complete. The Scoutmaster - Before First Meeting course shows 40% complete, but again, when I click into the course, all the individual modules are 100% complete.

Additionally, the Recommended - Youth Protection Training course shows 0% complete, despite all of the individual modules being 100% complete. I retook the Mandatory - Youth Protection Training course TODAY, but the Last Completion date still shows as 10/30/2020. Strangely, although the completion date is wrong on the training center website, the correct date appears on my training record on my.scouting.org.

Last, I retook the courses for Climb On Safely, Safe Swim Defense and Hazardous Weather Training on 08/17/2020, but my training records on my.scouting.org indicate the last completion was back in 2017. However, if I look on the training center website, the dates have been updated to my most current completion.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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I also noticed this issue Sunday evening. I have also tried more times than I can count to finish the New Member Coordinator training and have been unable to complete one of the courses as it has 3 segments that I can’t seem to figure out how to finish navigating…

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This particular type of glitch has been going on for several years. I had to get National to fix similar issues in my training center as far back as 2016.


How did you have to go about doing that?

If I recall, I sent an email to a tech support address. However, that option disappeared a few years ago when staffing at National was downgraded. This forum typically connects you to someone who can help, but you have to wait for them to see your message. It’s not very reliable some times, but it is all we have for now. you can try contacting your local Council HQ, but that often has about the same reliability.

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Both my wife and I are showing the same issues as mentioned here. Me for troop level training and my wife for Cub level training.


Sorry to hear that. As I stated in an earlier reply, this glitch has been around for a while. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been fixed, but I assume it’s because there is a shortage of IT professionals at the National level. At least the individual courses are showing up correctly.

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I have seen similar “interface” bugs. It seems like the output data is right, but the completion percentage is pretty buggy.

As of June 1st there were changes made in the leader specific training. Not sure if that has something to do with this glitch or not, but if you had it completed you should be “grand…parented” in. Are you showing as not training in My.scouting?

It’s basically a glitch where despite having all of the individual modules completed, the learning plan indicates that it is only partially completed. It’s a software glitch that has been happening for several years and they just haven’t either gotten around to fixing it or do not know how to fix it.

In my case, YPT is showing up as current on my.scouting.org. Also, most of the older courses are showing up correctly in my training record on my.scouting.org, with the exception of some of the expiration dates on courses I recently retook because they had expired.

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I believe the BSA recently replaced the YPT modules effective June 1.

There was a change with leader specific as well. Maybe it was back in May. I don’t have anything to point to, but I know as a trainer we had to update our classroom training materials for some of them recently.

Hi JAFlinn,

I notice the same issue as I’m in the midst of doing position specific training as well. The individual modules were complete but the overall learning program was not.

I resolved by unenrolling from the learning plan, the page refreshes, then I re-enrolled. This then produced a complete/100% Learning Plan.

I did also reach out to my local Council, they pulled a report that showed I had completed the modules as well.

I hope that helps.


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